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CCRSB Acceptable Use Guidelines
by iSchools Admin User - Thursday, 6 September 2007, 05:36 PM
  * Students will use school-provided Internet access under direct teacher permission and supervision;

* Any student's personal information such as their picture, address, telephone number, parents' names and home or work addresses / telephone numbers, will not be published or transmitted by any student or school where it can be viewed over the Internet by the general public (pictures, voice and movies are acceptable within the password-protected 1-to-1 portal);

* Students who receive information or messages which make them uncomfortable will immediately report the occurrence to the supervising teacher;

* Students will never agree to meet with someone they encounter o­nline without the prior permission of their parents / guardians;

* Students will follow the school's established rules for going o­nline;

* Students will not attempt to access the materials, information or files of others without their prior authorization;

* Students will not vandalize, damage or disable the work of another individual or organization;

* Students will not access, manipulate, alter or attempt to damage, disable or destroy technology or computer files;

* Students will copy o­nly material for which they have permission (this includes not copying images, media files and/or text that may be (1) used without permission or (2) passed off as their own original works) ;

* Students will not access, create or distribute harassing, pornographic, obscene, racist, sexually explicit or threatening material, imagery or language; and,

* Students will not use school-provided Internet access for illegal purposes or for non-approved commercial purposes.

* Students will not use technology at any location at-school or outside-of-school for the expressed purposes of (i) harassing or bullying their teachers and/or fellow classmates or (ii) to cause disruption in the day-to-day operation of the school.

Consequences of Unacceptable Use: (Sanctions)

Disciplinary actions related to student access to electronic resources may be determined at the school and/or classroom level in accordance with Provincial, Board, and school discipline policies. Violations of the school or provincial acceptable use policies may result in a loss of access to electronic resources. Such loss may result in the inability of the student to successfully complete the curriculum learning outcomes. When appropriate, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

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